Gili Lankanfushi (the Maldives) Case Study

Sector: Hospitality
Equipment: A900 Rocket Composter and Dehydra Dewaterer

The backstory

Gili Lankanfushi is a 5* luxury hotel resort on Lankanfushi Island, in the Maldives, which prides itself on being green and is a site that has been built using only environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced materials.

As well as its first-class accommodation, the site is also home to numerous cultivation plots, which are used for growing fresh produce that’s used in the kitchens.

The challenge

Being an elite getaway spot with a reputation for high-quality service, Gili Lankanfushi uses a high volume of fresh produce in its everyday meal prep. As a result, there were 300 kilos of food waste generated daily – equating to 109,500 kilos per annum, and the only disposal route for the material was landfill, on the island on Thilafushi.

This greatly went against the ethical and circular ethos of the luxury resort, and as a result, the hotel sought an on-site solution which would enable it to not only reduce the amount of food waste ending up at landfill, but to decrease the environmental impact – including transport journeys and methane gases – of the waste.

Product image A900 Rocket Composter
Product image A900 Rocket Composter
Setting the scene

The solution

In order to close the loop and cut out the off-site waste disposal, the hotel invested in a Dehydra Dewaterer and an A900 Rocket Composter.

This sees the wet and dry food waste segregated into two bins in the kitchens, which is then processed by the Dehydra – reducing its volume by up to 80% and weight by 50% – before the dried-out substance is then fed into the composter.

After 14 days, the resulting nutrient-rich compost is then used for fruit and vegetable growing in the resort gardens.

The luxury resort has now implemented a process which is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. It also means that Gili Lankanfushi composts 100% of its organic material, doesn’t struggle to store its waste, and nor is it faced with hefty disposal fees.