B2500 Rocket Composter

B2500 Rocket Food Waste Composter

A solution for industrial scale projects

The B2500 is the largest composter in our Rocket range, making it suitable for small scale municipal and remotely located oilfield worker camp environments.

This twin shaft composting system can process up to 6,500 litres of organic waste per day, and is ideal for dealing with high volumes of food and green waste, as well as sewage sludges and animal wastes.

B2500 Rocket Composter

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Like its smaller sister model the B1400 the B2500’s internal twin agitator shafts, alongside a unique patented w-shaped hull, ensures less compression of materials and airflow through the composting mass. The shafts have no internal support structures, meaning there’s no interior maintenance requirements and no obstructions to the flow of material either.

An integrated PLC control system fully automates the process too intelligently feeding the composter from an attached bulk feed system and controlling the rate of compost output, thus minimising the need for operator interaction.


The B2500 comes with a whole host of options and ancillaries to tailor the system exactly to our clients individual needs. From mixer shredder feed systems, outfeed conveyors, air injection and fully remote monitoring options to a name a few we can supply your site with the perfect solution.

The machine creates a nutrient-rich compost resource in just 14 days, from organic wastes such as cooked and uncooked food waste (including CAT3 meat), sewage wastes, and bioremediation, alongside garden, green and animal waste (including some types of bedding).








3.5m (excluding any loading conveyor)


Up to 6,500 litres of organic material*
(*Determined by the feed materials, loading frequency and operating conditions – Dewatered food waste typically 0.7kg/litre)

Main drive motor

2 x  5.5kW


6 x 2.0kw (thermostatically controlled)

Power requirement

3ph 400 v 50hz 100amp

Average power consumption

5-700kWh+ per week

Temperature recording

8 insertion to vessel + ambient and exhaust air (Data logging included)

Ventilation system

6 x 160mm extraction points on roof

Housing requirement

Hardstanding level surface with a well ventilated building that prevents winter freezing

Supplied as standard

  • Programmable automated control system
  • Communication package (GSM&Ethernet)
  • Adjustable air injection system
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • O&M Manual in English


Optional extras

  • Compost stockpile conveyor (various lengths available)
  • Air injection system
  • Pre-shredder
  • Screw Press dewatering system
  • Loading hoppers
  • Communication package / remote connection

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