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Comptainer – containerised food waste recycling systems

A plug and play food waste composting solution

The Comptainer gets its name from a fusion of ‘compost and container’ put simply, this is all the equipment you need for recycling up to three tonnes of food waste into compost per week, in a box.

The ‘plug and play’ equipment is pre-assembled, plumbed, and wired, and is housed inside a heavy-duty container, the inside of which is ergonomically designed and kitchen-like.

And because the unit is self-contained and easily transportable, it can also be disconnected and transported to another location with minimal fuss and maximum convenience.

The kit is specifically designed for the safe and hygienic on-site processing of organic wastes and is able to treat 1-5 tonnes of materials per week.


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A portable and secure ‘plug and play’ food waste composting solution

The ideal place to house composting and dewatering equipment, our Comptainer is well suited for use in remote locations – such as luxury island hotels, oil and gas pipeline installations or military deployments.

As the composting equipment arrives pre-wired, pre-plumbed and in its own ready-made home, it’s just a case of connecting the power and water services to the container. After removing the transport covers from the air vents and attaching the vent pipe cap, you’re ready to go in literally one hour. 

It’s also a convenient option for mobile, portable, and containerised kitchens, at festivals, disaster relief sites, or workers’ camps that move following pipeline construction. The unit has also been used at sites where the cost for building and civil works is prohibitive.


All that’s needed is a level hardstanding surface and the provision of services.

The facility comes equipped with heating, lighting, hot water heater and ventilation, but we always work closely with our clients to create a system that is tailored to their site’s unique specification and waste volume requirements.

It’s super easy to use too – once the utility services are plugged in, businesses are ready to get recycling!

The Comptainer containerised compost system has also been rigorously tested and uses proven technology to comply with animal by-product regulations (ABPR) for the composting of catering wastes that contain meat.



Comptainer size

A700 – 6.06m x 2.44m (20ft unit)
A900 – 6.06m x 2.44m (20ft unit)
A1200 – 12.19m x 2.44m (40ft unit)

Weight when empty

A700 – 3,480kgs (specification dependent)
A900 – 3,800kgs (specification dependent)
A1200 – 10,500kgs (specification dependent)


A700 – up to 2,100 litres per week*
A900 – up to 5,400 litres per week*
A1200 – up to 10,500 litres per week*
*When used with the Dehydra food waste dewatering system

Utility requirement

3ph 415v 50 Hz 16AMP
Inlet cold water 2.5 bar
Connection to mains sewer


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