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Municipal food and garden waste composting plants

Industrial turnkey composting solutions

We work with our global network of international partners to deliver industrial-scale and turnkey projects for organic wastes.

Whether its source-separated domestic food waste collections, co-mingled food and garden wastes, or remote island municipals with a mix of commercial and residential waste, we choose the best solution from a range of existing large-scale composting technologies.

Our commercial composting systems

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Our industrial-scale commercial composting systems are not only designed and built using the highest quality materials, but most importantly with our clients’ individual requirements in mind.

And no matter how much or how little of the project you want us to manage, our over 20 years’ experience within the industry means we are well-accustomed to providing an array of solutions.


From land acquisition, feedstock sourcing, design, build, and the running of the plants, we can deliver a truly bespoke process for a range of waste streams – including household-sourced segregated food, sewage screenings, municipal green, and animal/farm wastes.


Our industrial in-vessel composting systems are tailored to the customer’s needs, and we have two technologies which are used for this type of application.

For wastes of up to 5,000 tonnes per annum

Our B2500 Rocket Composter – in modular form – can process between 5-10 tonnes per day of mixed organic materials, making it an ideal unit for use at sites with limited space. 

Also, it’s low labour input means it is both easy to operate and maintain.

It’s also compliant with the animal by product regulations (ABPR), and can be supplied with pre-shredder/mixer, bio-filtration, and leachate treatment plant.

For wastes over 5,000 tonnes per annum

For sites with plenty of room for large-scale food waste recycling equipment, we can supply a twin-tunnel, aerated floor in-vessel composting system – where the tunnels are monitored and controlled to achieve compliance with ABPR.

The sophisticated, easy-to-use equipment combines odour control, leachate processing, and bio filtration, to ensure the seamless processing of organic wastes into compost.


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