A900 Rocket Composter in Kazakhstan

A Complete range of food waste management solutions

Food waste composting, recycling and reduction solutions

Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed the most comprehensive range of on-site food waste recycling and reduction systems on the market.

During this time, we’ve provided Rocket Composters, Dehydra Food Waste Dewaterers and Gobi Dryers, to multiple locations and businesses across the globe including hotels, airports, colleges, community projects, oil fields, prisons and offshore vessels. And many more.

We’re big believers that waste is a resource, not a costly disposal problem, and that’s why we deliver solutions which eliminate wastage while producing a valuable resource at the same time, in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

So, if you’re wondering how to reduce the amount of commercial food waste sent to landfill and close the waste management loop, you’ve come to the right place.


Welcome to our most popular product. We’ve shipped over 1,000 Rocket Composters worldwide helping organisations to recycle their commercial food waste and harness its resource potential.

With our models able to process between 50 and 5000 kg of food waste per day, there’s a machine to suit every type of business. And it takes up to 14 days to produce a nutrient-rich compost

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Our Dehydra Food Waste Dewaterer reduces the volume of food waste by up to 80% and its weight by 50% – significantly decreasing a site’s collection and disposal costs.

Capable of processing up to 700kgs of food waste per hour, this mighty machine comes in a range of sizes, to suit the requirements of the site, and also automatically self-cleans after each cycle.

It’s the perfect piece of kit for catering and food service outlets that need a simple, compact and cost-effective solution to decrease their food waste collection fees.

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Our Gobi Dryers are food waste reduction systems which can process between 50-5,000kgs per day of catering wastes and packaged foods, into biomass and recyclables.

Our food waste dryers reduce the volume and weight of waste by up to 90% – saving businesses significant amounts of money in off-site disposal costs.

The systems produce a sterilised, inert end product that no longer putrefies, attracts flies or vermin. The product can be stored for months without physical change.

Ideal for use in remote, high temperature locations where waste putrification is an issue

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