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Large sites such as Corporate HQ’s, manufacturing facilities, technology campuses, banks and call centres employ many people and generate large quantities of food waste through their catering operations. As well as running a complex facility, companies are also having to balance the needs of their staff along with those of the planet, with a focus on environmental objectives and a continual reduction of their carbon footprint.

Food waste is increasingly being realised as a key step in achieving these goals as it can be moved up and out of the waste hierarchy into prevention and re-use if it is composted on-site. This is one of the few wastes a site generates that can be transformed and re-used on-site for a beneficial purpose.

This simple but effective on-site recycling process is now increasingly acknowledged as more and more businesses and corporations strive to earn accreditations such as TRUE, where the principle is that as a business all waste products are re-useable. Equally, new builds are certified under schemes such as BREEAM, where the sustainability of the physical build and materials used are measured along with the services put in place. This ensures continued sustainability at the site once in use. Low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps or Solar PV can be complemented by adding points to the scheme by using at-source-composting built into the plans for the building.

As more organisations adapt to better practices, net zero emission commitments are playing a huge role in determining how companies act in respect of minimising their carbon footprint. Composting at source not only helps to minimise carbon emissions from transport and recycling processes, but it also allows greater soil health at site and improves the carbon sequestration of the actual site itself. For some sites, composting at source links to growing projects further reducing carbon emissions from food miles.

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Tidy Planet present the widest range of on-site food waste recycling products on the market.
Tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards here in the UK – tackling on-site, commercial food waste volumes ranging from 20kg to 20 tonnes of food waste per day.
In vessel composting systems for treating food, green and animal wastes, food waste dewatering systems for waste minimisation projects and thermal food waste dehydrators for waste minimisation and biomass projects


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