Food waste solutions for the world’s schools, colleges, and universities

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) reports that in the UK’s education sector alone, 123,000 tonnes of food waste are generated each year – costing £250 million, including waste management fees.

So, when looking at this figure on a global scale, there will be millions of tonnes of food waste which are causing harm to our environment – as well as costing education institutions an astronomical amount of money to dispose of them per annum.

Over the years (since 2006 to be precise), we’ve worked with many education establishments, to help them reduce their carbon footprint and make their waste management models more sustainable and cost-effective – all through the power of food waste composting and dewatering.

But as well as the environmental benefits, on-site composting also acts as a great educational tool. It not only engages students in learning more about the composting and recycling processes, but also helps them to take a more active role in the conservation of our planet – as seen by ISF Academy in Hong Kong.

To maximise the processing capacity of a Rocket Composter, campus refectories can also dewater their food waste. This process reduces the volume of their food waste by up to 80% and its weight by 50%, before it’s transported to a centralised in-vessel composting system, to be converted into a nutrient-rich resource – all in just 14 days.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Here, Wayne Highlands School District, in the USA, operates one of our A900 Rocket Composters, to recycle cafeteria food waste into compost.

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Tidy Planet present the widest range of on-site food waste recycling products on the market, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards here in the UK – tackling on-site, commercial food waste volumes ranging from 20kg to 20 tonnes of food waste per day.


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