Mining, Oil and Gas, Remote Locations

Food waste recycling solutions for the world’s most remote locations

From the Sahara Desert and Indonesia to Turkey, Iraq, Albania, Algeria and Azerbaijan, these are just some of the places our industrial-scale food waste recycling systems are helping remote islands and mining, oil and gas facilities to process their food waste into a valuable resource.

Remote locations means the disposal of food waste – generated at workers’ canteens and resort restaurants – often involves long-distance transportation to reach its end-destination.

And with many countries – especially those that are less developed – not possessing the recycling infrastructure to process these wastes sustainably, it regularly ends up at landfill sites, which can be located hundreds of miles away. And the result? Increased carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, plus inflated waste disposal costs.

The extreme temperatures of these sites also bring safety hazards if food waste isn’t handled effectively. In high-heat areas it can attract vermin or create odour and sanitisation issues, while in colder conditions it can draw scavenging animals.

Our on-site commercial food waste solutions allow clients to minimise the volume of food waste or recover it as a useful compost resource for land remediation projects. The food waste can also be dried and converted into a biomass fuel to generate heat and thermal energy for the camp facilities.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry – such as BP, Exxon Mobil, and Spiecapag – so you can be sure we know our stuff!

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Tidy Planet present the widest range of on-site food waste recycling products on the market, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards here in the UK – tackling on-site, commercial food waste volumes ranging from 20kg to 20 tonnes of food waste per day.


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