Prison Services and High-Security Sites

Food waste recycling solutions for prisons and high-security sites

Prisons, embassies, power stations, and military bases across the globe are searching for ways to boost their sustainability credentials, and many are turning their attention to food waste recycling solutions which have environmental, financial and safety benefits.

For prisons, investing in on-site food waste composting and drying equipment enables them to reduce the volume of wastage from serveries, generate a resource from their waste, save costs from omitting the weekly disposal trucks by not having to pay third parties, improve security, and engage offenders in waste management rehabilitation programmes.

For jails that have cultivation plots within their grounds, in-vessel composter technology allows them to create a resource which they can use to grow their own fresh produce in the prison gardens effectively closing the waste management loop.

For Ministry of Defence sites, power stations, embassies, and military bases, one of the biggest benefits of an on-site system is improved security. And by minimising the need for off-site disposal, there are less vehicles entering restricted sites.

We’ve worked with HMP La Moye, HMP Barlinnie, UNOPS South Sudan, Joint Base Lewis–McChord, Sellafield, Heathrow and Gatwick airports and HMP Glenochil, to name a few helping them to create a more sustainable business model and save thousands of pounds per annum on waste disposal costs. We’re passionate about helping more facilities to do the same.

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Tidy Planet present the widest range of on-site food waste recycling products on the market, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards here in the UK – tackling on-site, commercial food waste volumes ranging from 20kg to 20 tonnes of food waste per day.


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